My husband’s in the army. I mentioned this whore when we moved to Texas on army post she’s an army wife too.She was front neighbor. Everytime her husband deployed she would bring different guys to her house and she would tell us that they are just friends to help her with kids we never judged coz we wanted to stay good neighbors but it all started when me and my husband had a fight this Christmas and I went to my parents house for a 2 weeks coz my therapist told it would be nice and good for us and our 2year old son so I went 1st week we were doing good on the phone he was calling me all the time and his son we’d talk about how we can split duties around the house when I go back so there’ll be less fights and then she stopped talking It was weird because my husband never ignore me like this so after Christmas when I came back he was distant he won’t even have sex with me he always said he was tired and one day he gave his phone to show me a funny video n and while I was watching I got a text from julia I was surprised coz even if didn’t have her number and it said “so now you aren’t replying coz your wife is back” I opened it and started reading all the conversation and while I was reading he took his phone back we had a big fight and I told him that we are getting divorced then he started crying and he told me that someone said some lies the her husband overseas about her husband he is getting divorced with her she was very upset and that she was crying and it just happened my husband said he only loves me but he was taking her side I don’t wanna be with a person who takes someone else’s side if he loved me he should’ve took my side and I after considering alot I forgave him coz of my kid but I can’t forget what happened i just know that she ruined everything and now I don’t have any respect for my husband in my heart coz of her and she is not ashamed of what she did but she says that it was need of that moment I just wanna let everyone know that this what a real home wrecking bitch looks like ….