My friend and her husband just lost their twin babies when this girl Julie Brown showed up at a bar and him being on the phone the whole time with my friend should have been her first clue that he was taking. The wife found them together and beat up the husband. This girl was telling my friend she needed to grow up and she was crazy. Instead of her going home she shows up at their home with her there kissing and laying all over him with his wife there. After the husband got sober he asked her to leave and she refused to leave. Finallly my friend made her leave about 4am. This girl still tries to message her husband from time to time. Any person that can do this in front of someone is as cold as it can be. I messaged her on Facebook and told her she was a Home Wrecker her excuse he was hurt from him beating the crap out of him and she couldn’t help that she was a caring person.