Si ive know Justin and Candide Harris for a bout 3 years now. Candide was an innocent woman till Justin’s meth habit got out of control. He gets all methed up and goes on Facebook talking cheap to people then hides behind Candice when he knows he should of let it go, but no he wants to be a keyboard warrior and puts his wife in danger. And if that’s not the icing on the cake he forced Candice to do sexual things with other men so he can get more meth. I work with Candice and she tells me everything and she is sick to her stomach with what Justin’s doing to her. Any men out there that can treat her like the queen she is then please jump on board so she can get her life back. Justin BTW… Samantha knows it was you that called the cops and ratted her out because she wouldn’t front you the 3 points of meth you little goof. Karmas a b1tch you will get what’s coming.