I met Kacee 5 yrs ago. Our daughters were the same age and went to school together. I introduced myself and set up a playdate for the girls. She also had a 4yr old daughter. That is how we became friends. She was a single mother raising 2 girls on her own and was doing a good job. We became fast friends. We were together all the time. She would refer to me as her wife. If you saw one of us the other was not far behind. Kacee didn’t have a lot of support from friends or family so I started offering my time. I kept her girls for 2 summers free of charge and never wanted anything in return. I knew she needed help and was glad to give it to her. I had her girls more than she did. They went everywhere with us and I always paid without any hesitation.

Of course during this time she met my husband. The only time they interacted with each other is when we would go to our bar or if he happened to be home when she picked up girls. Not that they didn’t like each other, she was more or less my friend. After a couple years of having her girls all the time I felt that I was being taking advantage of. She started to expect or assume that I was going to do things without asking ahead of time. I started doing less and less. I would still help her at anytime, I just didn’t volunteer my help so readily. If she needed my help she was going to have to ask for it. During this time we are still best friends. I started feeling like something wasn’t quite right with my husband but I couldn’t put my finger on it. He was home every night, he was never on his phone when he was home, he gave me affection on a daily basis, told me he loved me the whole nine yards. During this time I would talk to Kacee about what I thought might be going on and she would agree to whatever I thought. One day I went online and tried to access his credit card account and what do you know, I guessed that damn password. I was only interested in the last year. That’s when I found out that my husband had another life that I knew absolutely nothing about. At this point I was wondering if he ever went to work. (He owns his own company) I could not see how he had enough time in the day. That’s when I found out that he had been in a yr long relationship with my best friend.

He was aked to leave our home and that’s what he did. Kacee lives in my neighborhood about 1/2 mile from me. His office is 600 yards from our house. They are now flaunting their relationship for the world to see. Even our 10yr old daughter. Of course her daughters have no idea what’s going on. Neither one of them have taken accountability for their actions. Neither one ever thought of the consequences of their actions. She has not said one word to me. She does not have the guts to own what she’s done but yet they continue on. We are now in the process of divorcing and he doesn’t see that he is causing myself and our daughter mental and emotional tormenting every day that we have to see it.

Luckily we are in Texas therefore half of what he considers his is now mine. The best revenge I can get on her is to just go ahead and let her have him. I’m the one who’s going to laugh her way to the bank!!!