This girl was my “best friend” for years. Even called herself Aunt Kaly to my son. I had been in a relationship with my sons dad for 5 years. Well, in the last year, this hoe decided she wanted a relationship with the guy I have been with since before I knew her. So, not only was she fuking multiple guys who were also in relationships, she started to fuk my boyfriend. Who I lived with and share a child with. One time even getting me so fuking drunk I couldn’t think (I don’t really drink) and fuked him right in front of me. Then said I agreed to a three way but I was to sick to do anything. So now, she has convinced him to kick his son and me out of the house, leaving us homeless. Also, whining about how this situation is so stressful and hard to her,and how it’s making her want to kill herself because she doesn’t deserve any of the sh1t she is getting. She says she has done no wrong even though she fuked the father of my child while I was with him and talked him into making his kid homeless so she can live with him. I treated this girl like family for years. Just before all this came out she asked my mom to buy her cigarettes and of course my mom did no problem. My family and me did so much for this person and now she doesn’t understand why anyone is mad at her. I can’t even talk to her because I’m not allowed over there and she blocked me on Facebook. So, if you got time in your day, please go tell her what a sh1tty person she is.