This lady and I use that word loosely with her but she is a (at the time) housing first worker with E4C which fraudulently gained entry into my apartment and evade prosecution or accountability for this wrongdoing to the point that I was and still paying for her wrongs of this happening because Susan McGee of Homeward Trust didn’t want this to ruin her foundation of it up coming $$$$ of $100 million dollars that they were to get for the fiscal year 2011-2012. The day this took place of this worker coming into my home was 29 July 2010. She still has her job and it got so bad to the point that they took us simple invasion of privacy and unlawful entry and it has snowballed into a full-fledged human trafficking case in my case specific so I just wanted to give a good shout out edmonton to watch out for this conniving bitch that’s still to this day walks free and clear from any wrongdoings that happened and the only wrongdoing I did was ask for help.