So besides the fact that my husband is a real piece of work. This is the women who fully knowing my situation still decided to have an affair and help my husband plan to leave me. I was a stay at home mother of a 18 month old and had just found out I was pregnant with our second child. They met in class during the fall semester at a catholic college here in San Antonio, world lit I believe. My husband claims it was too easy to pass up but whatever, again he is a real piece himself. Life wasn’t perfect. He had just gotten back from a long TDY, yes he is military, so we were or I thought trying to get things normal again. He didn’t hide the fact that he was married or that I was pregnant but she didn’t care. Neither did he really. He would take time off of work to be with her instead of helping me potty train our kid or paint the house. So here I was painting a house while I was five months pregnant. I was doing everything, while she and my husband were planning a romantic getaway in Germany!!!! She knew everything about me and I, nothing of her. She was even introduced to my son, while I was at college taking a test!!!!!! He would see her every weekday, leave work about 2 or 3 and not come home to me till dinner time. Oh, by the way I was having a rough pregnancy, all day sickness, exhausted to the max, even twisted my ankle, but they didn’t care.

I was trying everything to get my best friend back, I knew something was off and I would confront him about it, however he would just lie probably while sexting her.  They would go to all these restaurants some fancy some my favorite and have meals together while I was at home clipping coupons trying to save what little income we had. Stupid me I know. So when this thing all came out in the open I was able to hear the break-up conversation. She was mad because he was ending it!! REALLY!?!?!?!! I even grabbed the phone and talked with her, first thing out of her mouth was it wasn’t my fault….REALLY?!?!?! Did he rape you?!?! was my first question. I asked her if she wanted him, asked what he had promised her, asked if she knew my situation, which she said she did. So that was my answer to why I had painted a house, laid flooring, landscaped, fixed outdoor plumbing problems, and was a raising a child by myself for the last 6 months. All while they were planning the end of my family life. She was happy about the idea of my husband leaving me 6 weeks after I gave birth, she was happy about a romantic get away with a married man and was upset when it ended.