Where to start is the real question. I had been married to my husband for 5 years when he met her at work. We have several small kids including a young set of twins. Things were rough but I assumed it would get better. Then when she came along I thought we were friends. She put herself in my family her daughter babysat my kids. She was married as well and all four of us would go out to do things. I’ve stayed at this women’s house before. She knew me and my husband were fighting a lot. Our twins never slept he worked shift work it was hard. She told him I just didn’t care enough and told me I should try harder. She played both sides until I found out about the affair. Then she called me unstable and he left me for her. Four kids and he just left she told him everything she knew he needed to hear. He was weak and stupid and she came running.

She finally hook his job when they were no longer together because she was angry. She said he took advantage of him. So after an affair that rocked my world we had four kids and my husband was jobless because of her. She’s evil she then went back to her husband and started a new career in real estate. Her husband told me how she had done this before were they used to live. I truly believe that this women loves to ruin lives.