Meet Kathy aka Kat and her story goes back many years. It all started a few years ago when her boyfriend at the time found out she was cheating on him and was attempting to hook up with a relative of his so he kicked her out. Since then she has become obsessed with him and his relationships. I started dating him about a year after they broke up and from day 1 she would not stop. I blame her for my relationship ending with him. I truly felt like he was the one, the love of my life, but I could not do it anymore so we ended things. She was never married to him and they have no kids. Most woman who do not have kids and were never married to an ex will move on, they will leave the past in the past BUT not KATHY she makes sure she is still active in his life and has an unhealthy obsession with his family to the point that she has added all of them to her facebook as if they are her family. She really thinks she is still part of his family and refuses to let go. So if you end up with my ex and you see that this is his ex then she will do everything she can to break you all up and insert herself back in even though he wants nothing to do with her cause she is crazy and needs to be medicated and she is also a drunk. If you do find her on facebook just be aware that she uses a lot of filters to make herself look like something she is not. The picture I have provided shows her true self as well as her mugshot that is public. AG xoxo