this trash Kathy Selig left her 4 kids for the scumbag she’s with now. She’s done this her whole life, left her first baby’s daddy when the kid was only 2, hooked up with the next guy, got pregnant with him and did the same thing. Then got with another guy who luckily was smart enough for her pregnancy shenanigans and she ended up with the guy she just left who she had 2 kids with. This guy took as good of care you can take for a crazy woman, cared for her and her 4 kids for 18 years while she sat home watching Young & The Restless everyday, doing nothing while he cared and paid for everything. Now enter in the scumbag, Andy. She supposedly met this guy 22 years ago, hitchhiking…yes hitchhiking…to go find her first baby daddy to tell him she was pregnant. This floozy of a woman searched him out on Facebook and left all 4 of her kids and ran off to Alberta with this piece of sh*t. Stay far away from this crazy train.