So theres this Girl katie who really doesnt know who she is dealing with , Her boy friend is using her for money and sex. Her friends if you call them that, ask her to lie to her own mom so she can get more money to spend on them. You have a job Katie a good paying one and they are just using you for everything. They are getting involved with illegal activity and you can’t afford to lose your job to the likes of them. Why are you spending over $1500 to pay for a party that he doesnt pay into and expects everyone else to pitch in and pay?Pretending your goth so that he will like you even more and respect you, He doesnt respect you , He wants your money and the occasional booty call from you when he doesnt want sex with you , its cause he is to busy getting rid of the last DRD infection that he keeps from you. He’s cheating on you with other women , when your not there he’s got someone else there. He’s a loser , you can’t afford to be supporting losers for the rest of your life. He creates the drama have you ever wondered what life without drama would be like Get rid of your boyfriend and your fake friends and find out