She doesn’t care if a man is married or not. She has been sleeping with my husband and sexting him as well. I just discovered this a few days ago and it makes me sick. I guess she thinks marriage vows aren’t important and mean nothing in Gods eyes. My husband is to blame as well so it’s not all her fault but the fact that she her self is also married makes me sick. Although she doesn’t wear her ring or even use her husbands last name. Her sleeping with a married man is normal for her and my husband isn’t te first. The man she is married to now was married to another woman at the time he started sleeping with her. She didn’t care that he was married and from my understanding she ruined that marriage and didn’t even care. No telling how long that affair was going on. She also cheated on the man she is married to now with his brother-in-law (his sisters husband). It sure didn’t bother her that she was married and so was he. She is a selfish home wrecker. She has again ruined another marriage, MINE!! I don’t know what this woman has that men just can’t resist but it’s ruining families. She doesn’t even care. She puts on a front that she is a Godly person but she isn’t and the sad part is that her father is a pastor at one of the biggest churches in Ennis. Women hide your husbands because she is probably coming for them!