this girl Kayla Greatrix (Yeomans) makes me sick! I honestly just found out that she is to have a baby right away. That would normally be a good thing but turns out the father of this baby is her older sister’s ex boyfriend Trevor Deschambeau. This isn’t the first time Kayla has done this to Mango, She married her sister’s youngest child’s father and ended up with another boyfriend of Mango’s as well a guy named Shamus!!!! Mango loves her sister very much in fact, even though it is very very irritating to her she always forgives and would die to protect Kayla. Kayla treats her like sh*t, tells her all the time you’re not my sister, I don’t even know you…badmouths her to everyone they know and even goes as far as to tell people if you’re talking with my sister, you ain’t talking to me. That little girl needs her morals checked and to be smacked on the ass and put on time out!!!!