Not only is she in a relationship with a married man of 30 years and sleeping with me found out she is still married to Perry Kolodziejczyk in Elgin Texas and going to marriage counseling ! I thought she had a elderly dad that she had to be with at night and work at Lexington Texas post office in the day ! I thought I was it ! And the other man has like five kids and most of them are disabled ! Also I find out they are shacked up together ! His name is Daryl and I won’t post her husband name he is innocent but I am going to talk to him because I didn’t know. I guess Kelly and Daryl are OK with a open relationship .And she isn’t even the age she told me she is in her 40+ not 36 ,Iam 32 but Daryl is old like 60+ ! What kind of people are they ? I thought we were falling in love! Not a fool any more ! I would drive from Austin just to spend some time in the day. What a waste of the past 2 months. Hope this saves somebody else.