Kelly Mckee is from Missouri. When my husband was 14 years old and she was about 27 she seduced and slept with him. She was his babysitter and never got arrested for it. She has been with my husband even after they broke up and even after she got married to her present husband she snuck around her husband’s back every time my husband was in Missouri. We weren’t married at the time. She was living in Montana with her husband when she messaged my husband over a year ago when I had broken my ribs in a 4 wheel accident. She told him if he got an apartment for her here in Texas and got rid of me she would leave her husband Jack and come to Texas. Well in January of this year 2008 she moved here to Texas and ever since tried everything to break us up by using his daughter as a pawn. She got my husband to question his relationship with me until he left me in February. Now she is planning to move in with him and leave her husband Jack on or about April 19th, 2018, when my husband’s mom moves out, even though my husband has told her it’s not going to happen several times. She is relentless and will stop at nothing to be with my husband even lies about me so that his family hates me. She is a harlot and will stop at nothing to stop my husband from getting back with me and get back into my husband’s pants. Even her sister hates her and knows that she is evil.