This is 100% a vent, but I had to somehow release these emotions of pure disgust and humor. For me and for the justice of my unborn daughter. So obviously this woman, well I should say girl. Whom being 26 should know how to behave as an adult…but clearly lacks the intelligence to behave in such a manner, is the EX of the father of my child. I blame her lack of maturity on being given everything by her parents. Come on, you’re valmost 30 and you still don’t pay your own bills. I’m literally laughing at your pathetic nature. I am years younger than you and the father of my child is hahaha wow, so much younger than you. Which also explains why you don’t care about other people’s children because you are yourself still one.

Anyways this lady here used to weigh over 200lbs and felt the need to use her weighloss induced confidence boost to try and get her EX back. Ps I still weigh less than you at 8 months pregnant. Congrats. Ps we all know its drugs, no one loses that weight that quickly safely. Drugs help this girl out a lot, she aborted her own child with the father of my child by using and drinking. Selfish and ignorant. Glad you still work at a grocery store and haven’t finished any schooling. But continue with your subspecied-thinking about being on a high horse doing cross fit and yoga. Two of the most attention seeking, joke of trends in “fitness” existing right now. Hahahaha I have my certification in personal training and do physique shows. So congrats on attracting a man with sex when I have a basketball for a stomach. And have 0% sex drive. No don’t worry it was all you. He wanted to be back with you. Hahahahhaha okay enough of the back story. This spoiled woman child induced the father of my child with money and the never ending enabling-bull crap. That’s all you did and continued to do after y’all were done was enable him. Congrats AGAIN. She at the end of all of this proceeded to call me a psycho. Funny how I used to defend you of that same word from your of precious lover at the beginning of our relationship when you used to incessantly used to call him and text him. I told him you just missed him and to be nice. Apparently I was the fool, because you actually are an insane stalker. I saw the texts about me being at the gym and my Facebook to him. Maybe try getting your own life, and own man whom actually loves you. I plan on doing the same. Good luck. And sorry you enjoy being used.