Kelseylinn Davis knowingly slept with the boyfriend of someone she knew for nearly 5 years right before Christmas of 2017. Not that they were close or anything, but she was fully aware of the man having the same girlfriend for nearly that same length of time. She even was their neighbor in 2 of the different places they lived. She was given the opportunity to rectify the situation but chose otherwise. Watch out for your men ladies, and men watch out for her. Her most recent boyfriend, whom she cheated on to have the affair, said it wasn’t the first time this has happened. He had found hotel receipts and snapchats as proof of their infidelity. If she and her boyfriend remain together then that’s their business, but if she’s on to you then I’d suggest moving along to the next one. In my opinion, a woman who knowingly enters into any non-platonic relationship with a taken man cannot be trusted, unless of course she gets the serious help she needs.