This man had a wife while he ended up sleeping with 6 people. He has 4 biological kids and then a daughter with a girl he cheated on his wife with who he never takes care of. Lives with a girl who had slept with while still married Stacey Day, he also is so broke he asks his mother to pay all his children’s daycare bills along with having sex for money. He is known around Killeen, Texas for “finessing” but he has a very small *****. From a Facebook post from a female the only time you can feel it is when your own top but he only weighs 109lbs you have to take it easy so you don’t snap him in half(literally). He isn’t even loyal to his currently girlfriend of the week. Facebook messages stated she’s even questioning his loyalty and their just dating. While having 4 kids at the age of 24 he’s about to have another one 😂. He also abused his wife while she was pregnant leaving bruises on her and causing her to lose their unborn child. Kemaro Gomez Sr. is not a loyal man, nor has he any money to do anything. Don’t believe anything he says. Besides if you don’t believe this post there are TONS of people who can back up this post. Ask the ex wife and all 6 side chicks for proof.