:THIS NEEDS TO BE SHARED AROUND ALBERTA Lmao , you and sherry are pretty good parents to be doing blow In front of your grand child and to find another way to be living with some one that sells it is not surprising , looks and sounds like to me you two will never quit sponging off of good people and using them until they have fuk all left just to make empty promises and be as fake as everyone knows that you both are, just to let your family and friends know that your drug addicts and will always put there addiction first before there children and now grandchildren , and ruin a 13 yr friendship with some one that they always told they would be there for and used him until he had nothing left then tried to set him up and had to tell him to move out 400 km away not to his face , and still owe him 10,000 for the year and a half of supporting these two losers is pretty discusting , and how people live with them selves is beyond me , except thanks to these two retarded degenerative welfare low life’s , there ex best friend is doing great and in school and sober after they used him and helped him sell all he had so that they had food and bills and gas to keep a roof over there heads , just to kick him to the curb after 13 yrs, and promising to pay him back , haven’t heard from them , and now there moved onto the next person that will be convinced that they are outstanding adults . Sad to say there everything but outstanding parents or adults . Ken Upstone and Sherry Cardinal need to be exposed . Cause there nothing but welfare recipients that have been riding a free wave off good people and tax payers of Alberta .