This is a warning post more than anything. Kenneth is a low life piece of sh1t dressed as a nice, decently attractive, funny guy. He has been using crystal meth for years, and now he thinks snorting cocaine up every couple of weeks means “keeping it under control”. He barebacks everyone with the excuse that he “shoots blanks”, but not only he doesn’t, he also has drd, which he will not warn you about. His sex game is decent at the beginning, then it becomes cheap, distant, and all about him. This 5” d1ck will not deliver orgasms, I guarantee you that. He thinks he has mastered life, because he has a full time job, but in the days off he relapses like a motherfuker. He cheats on every single girlfriend he’s had, and has no remorse. If you confront him, he’ll gaslight you. He will pretend to want a family, and then leave whenever times get tough. He’s on tinder every other day, and will use smooth words to get in between your legs, then keep you interested for a few weeks, then he’ll move on. Fuk him with a confirm if you like. Don’t fall in love with this one, and don’t fuking try to save him.