She was my husband’s ex-girlfriend and my former friend… she cheated on him and then broke things off with him to stay with the other guy…when the other guy dumped her, she tried to go back to the ex-boyfriend. I had just started dating him and she found out and was furious. When I found out that she wanted him back, I told him to go back to her…He refused and did not go back to her and she hated me for that. She would drive by his house all the time.. get all her friends to call him….childish behavior. Five years into our marriage he got his friend a job and his friend was his ex-girlfriends best friend. He promised that he would have nothing to do with her. Well, her and her best friend went by his job to see her husband and then the next day she called my husband and a couple days later they all had lunch together and two days later they were all at her house on his lunch break when she called him into another room and as soon as he walked in she grabbed him and started kissing him and of course my husband jumped at the chance to do her. The door was wide open while her three kids were running around the next room. They could have walked in at anytime and seen some man on top of their mother…she didn’t care. My husband finished on her and then left her in the bathroom cleaning herself off while he ran out the back door with his buddy. He never even said good bye. He said he felt instant guilt and regret…I don’t believe that was about me. I think it was that she had pushed three kids out of that stretched out vagina and it grossed him out. Then the next day she called him and ask when she could see him again and he told her that was never going to happen. He told his buddy not to bring her back up to work and tell her not to call him ever again..he told him that it should have never happened and that she was a whore when they had dated and that she was still a whore. They never saw each other again. Oh and she gave us an STD…and lots of other guys. I knew he had cheated I could tell by the way he was acting. He kept saying things like I deserved better than him and he loved me so much and never forget that. I had a gut feeling but could never prove it but I had lost my baby at that time and had been grieving and not having sex with him for two months and I felt like it was partly my fault if he had cheated. Then the STD confirmed it. He still never admitted it but I told him that I know something happen and as long as it wasn’t her that I would forgive him. He lied and said he would never do it with her and that he hated her. Three years later I ran into her and she laughed in my face and told me to ask my husband about three years ago. Of course he denied it and said she was lying and trying to start trouble. I just brought my second child home from the NICU two days prior to the day she told me. The day before she seen me…she seen my son and told him she was his daddy’s ex-girlfriend and ask him where we lived and all these questions about us. A six year old little boy..while he was on a school field trip. She is a low life POS!! We had almost lost another child and I almost died giving birth to my son and she is in my face proud that she is a homewrecker…she is trash. I call her a cum-hole. My husband didn’t think that it was the right time to tell me because he knew I couldn’t have handled it at the time. Not that it makes it okay. When I found out I hated him! So he waited until my son was better and then came clean and told me everything that had happen. It tore our family apart. She thought what she did was funny. She never knew that he tried to commit suicide when he he had lost me. Our life was a mess. A year later after his counseling, We eventually went through marriage counseling. It was not easy. Years later we had put it all behind us and before you knew it …it was 20 years later….guess who reached out to my husband on FB…yep her and her douche bag best friend. My husband went off on them before I ever even knew. He told them that he made a huge mistake all those years ago and that he hated her for what she did to me. That it was the biggest regret in his life. That she was nothing more than a whore and that he wanted nothing to do with her. Come to find out she re-married and has six children. But she has not been faithful to the husband like she wants everyone to believe. He hasn’t been faithful to her either. She stabbed her best friend in the back. OH! and guess where she decides to move to…yep…5 mins from my house. She is a douche bag.