Kevin Gorniak is 33 years old. He preys on women. His baby’s mamma he abused and cheated on and left. His new girlfriend took the kids in and lost them due to his abuse and he loves to talk about how much he misses them but never does anything to support them or help thier mother out. Now his girlfriend of 10 years he got back together with after he went to jail again for beating her up so as to get her not to testify and threw her and her kids out the day before they were supposed to go on a trip she paid for for his birthday. She had unpaid fines and used them to control her. Soon as she was gone Kevin called me to go see him. Thank god I never slept with the looser. He used me for money. The day his gf left he broke his leg hahahahaha. Hence the gimp part. I assume he felt his karma cause he got back together with her when she got back from vancover. Something about her car breaking down n he went n got her. Anyways she finds out about me n we talk. She of course defend her man like an idiot. And he used her to take care of him and support him till his foot got better. She gets numerous other women contacting her about Kevin after Kevin ghosted me and I tried to find her to tell her what was up while she was gone. I messaged a girl I thought was his gf turned out she wasn’t. His girlfriend then talks to this other woman who says shes been getting tons of messages cause everyone thinks Kevin is her bf. And she thinks he’s really weird and aggressive. And sends her all the messages he sent her. So Kevin’s girlfriend decided to dig a little deeper and she finds out about 100’s more he preys on. Pretending he has money and is such an amazing man lol. Watch out if you come across this guy. He will use you for money and what he can and then bail or try to send someone after you. His gf told me he broke her ribs last year he has a huge drug problem he can’t even afford. He leaches of his sister n gets her to pay his bills. The messages he sends are vulgar and discusting to some and sweet n kind to others. N no his d1ck ain’t that great from what his ex’s tell me lol. He can’t keep it up cause he has sexual identity issues. Im fairly certain he is bisexual and won’t admit it. His girlfriend also thinks her cat broke down cause he did something to it. My friend just told me she tried to end her life and he couldn’t be bothered to go to the hospital when they called and she was locked out of the house niether him nor his sister would bring a key she had to walk all the way home from the hospital and get a maitanence man to let her in. Kevin Gorniak girls womanizer and all around abusive douche bag with no money and an expensive drug habit. Girls if you see him fuking run. (Won’t have to that fast as he’s a gimp now lol.)