This woman has messed up not just 1 but now 2 marriages just in the past 8 months. She is a nurse at Texas Health Resources Fort Worth and she obviously doesn’t focus on her work when she’s at work… she only focuses on which married man she can get with next. I don’t know that I would want someone like this even working for my company… who knows how this stuff affects her patient care. All I know is if I go to this hospital and get her as a nurse I will be requesting someone else. I don’t want her near anyone I care about because she only cares about herself. I honestly don’t even see how she can get these men to talk to her..barf! I have seen first hand the devastation that she has caused to my friend and I can’t stand by and let her get away with it anymore. My friend is too nice to do anything like this but this woman needs to reap what she sews. I know the men are just as much to blame but at the same time she is singling out married men with the intent to hurt anyone she can. Stay away from her at all costs!