This woman gives all women a bad name. First off she kidnapped her young son from Winnipeg, moving him to Edmonton. She then f*cks anything that has a d*ck, and thinks that gives her power. She has several drds including [redacted]. She never tells the men she f*cks that she has the DRDs, even if the DRDs is active. She is extremely verbally and physically abusive, very delusional – thinks she has family that are judges, attorneys, cops which is not true – and will threaten retaliation against her exes by hells angels. Also she will threaten death threats to her exes as well as all their friends. She is currently awaiting trial for assaulting a woman, slamming her head repeatedly into the concrete, giving her a severe concussion and putting her in the hospital. To call this …. person …. a woman or sane would be a huge leap, she is bat sh1t crazy. Men beware, she will use you, give you drds, cheat on you, lie to you and then threaten to kill you, your family & friends and even your pets when you break up with her.