As I found out about my cheating husband and started digging, what to my surprise did I find? Several in the past and as I continue to look I am sure I will probably find more. The reason I will continue to look is we live in a small town so the towns combine the children for school and sports and I don’t want some of these home wreckingwhores coming up smiling at me knowing they have been with him. I want to know all of them and for them to know I know about their dirty little secret. I was an idiot for trusting him but these home wreckingwhores are an idiot for not remembering the saying, what’s done in the dark will come to light, I want them to hang their heads in shame for their actions in helping destroy my family and possibly their own.

Here is one of the home wrecking whore’s, Kim Ellis lives 15 miles from my home, in Ben Wheeler, TX, and works at (removed) in Ben Wheeler, TX. My husband was self-employed at the time and he would work crazy hours, which made it easy for him to conceal his unfaithfulness, as I was/am finding things out, I found phone records where he would call me at home, turn around and call her at work, go meet her and they would leave in HER vehicle (since we live in the country and in small towns, the majority knows my husband’s truck), she would take her lunch break at work and they would go park on the side of a county road and screw, she was married as well but a few months after this rondevu started, her husband left, he is deceased now so I wasn’t able to ask him if he left because he caught them together or if she ended it with him thinking my husband was going to leave his family for her. Why is it that they think these cheaters are going to leave their families? I understand that some are made to believe that the cheater will leave but most of the time, it’s far from the truth, usually the only way they leave is from getting caught and getting kicked out of the home or getting caught and can’t take the pressure of having to rebuild all that they have broken. This rondevu went on for 9 months with them getting together 2-3 times a month but ended when she started pressuring him to leave his family. When I found out, I confronted her at her work (considering this is where they would meet) we waited in the lobby for her to come out, I had an empty chair between my husband and myself, when she came out and seen my husband she was all smiles, until I stood up and said yea and his wife, she went pale. After seeing what she looked like, she is one ugly character and this isn’t coming from jealousy or anger, only truth, I said aloud, you put your d**k in that. I never would have thought that if he ever cheated that it would be him lowering his standards but then again who am I kidding, a cheater doesn’t have any standards.

I asked her if she knew he was married and she replied with, she thought we were separated, which made me angry since I knew that was a lie, so I asked her if you thought we were separated then why didn’t you call in the evening or better yet, ever go to his house, all she could say was she didn’t know. It took all I had not to physically attack her but they aren’t worth me going to jail or not being with my children. I told her that since she chose to be with a married man, I will let everyone know what a worthless human being she was. I asked him why and all he could say was, she was easy and that he wasn’t getting enough attention at home. Let me inform you a little on that, while he was out working he would call me several times during the day (when he would leave one farm to go to the next) then when he would get home I would get him a drink and make him something to eat then I would get the children settled and go help him with whatever he was doing, so this not getting enough attention at home is a bunch of crap. To the men who want a large family but doesn’t help with the task of raising the children, only being a provider for them, don’t expect your wife to have much alone time for you, especially when you have 6 children at home.

Ladies in the area watch out for this one, she’s not only willing to be with married men who don’t even invest time on her and is nothing more than a booty call, plus will go have sex on the side of a county road in broad daylight, she has no and I mean no couth about her.