Kimberly O’Daniel who resides in Euless Texas loves to put fictitious postings on websites of this nature, She sits home all day, plotting ways to ruin other peoples lives because she is a pathetic, bat shit crazy, drunken liar. While other people live constructive and productive lives, she spends her time bashing people to make herself feel relevant. In doing so, she spreads malicious rumors, personal attacks and harasses people not only online, but also in person. She is known to stalk any person that does not agree with her views… This is usually done in a drug induced and drunken stupor. She commits these acts without regarding any factious, personal responsibility or consequences. She has been reported to the police for harassment and criminal mischief. These acts have been caught on video by numerous Euless Texas Residents as well as other photographic evidence. Because she is a woman, the Police have failed to act to protect the innocents she attacks. If you see this woman, know that she is very unstable and dangerous. This behavior resulted in her marriage ending ensuring a very lonely, miserable existence.