:Don’t become friends with either of them especially if your from another country or your a different religion. Salim has been known to attack people if they are a different race or religion and has been since warned and charged by Edmonton Police Services . They are both on aish targeting others , These two have been targeting people that are ‘deemed’ weak minded for their money, for food . Even though they both go through $800 in less than a week. Krista is a fat blimp who tries to impress you with her knowledge of things and will say things to you to be her best friend Their favorite people to target are those that are on aish and who have money in “trust” Krista will become your best friend for a piece of that money and she will use you for your money, She will ask you to buy her lunch , jewellery , movies cds anything of value that she can give to her circle of friends who are also on aish. She will ask you to lie for her and to your trustee so she can extort more money from you. They are currently subletting their place out and they charge you over $500 and get you to sign a fake lease , then they keep asking you for more money until your broke or until they have stolen it off of you, Then they proceed to kick you out with the excuse their landlords dont want you there They both go to MPW and other wrestling shows so they can give out money and whatever else they have taken from their victims to give to their co -conspirators. If you do not give them what they want they have their friends chase you from southgate lrt to century park or to UNiversity hospital threatening and harassing you to giving them your money. They eventually leave once the authorities arrive to chase them off . If your Unfortunate enough to be their friends that they are using they get their best friends to impersonate police officers and get you so scared so you don’t go calling the real ones . They will get their best friend James Chevrette to write threats to krista and Salim to create drama and to put blame on others so they can pretend to be the victims so they can call the police on you and report you. They will even go as far as trying to contact your family and friends to get them to choose sides . Dont go near these people if you have friends and family that are getting victimized by these people call the Police and report these psycho’s