This woman never seems to learn, her latest stunt is to go recruit people from Ly cairns with her best buddy James so they can victimize more people. She is a liar and a thief and stole from the LY cairns Reuiniion , She stole $80.00 from a womans purse when this woman wasnt looking . She didnt go to the school , We will know better next time and make sure you empty your pockets before you leave the school. You heard free food and pigged out on everything.that was there . She still loves to play victim and has even gone as far as trying to intimidate people by threatening them as well as getting one of her “freinds” to put a gasoline bottle by someones door. He or she must have had second thoughts and didnt want to go to jail for your ass. It was reported to the police department . she cheated on salim not once but three times , she was banging this guy mike at her place while salim was working providing her meal ticket and her money for her cell phone. once a cheater always a cheater. She whines on facebook all day and night trying to play victim but everyone knows different , half of her friends are to braindead to figure her out shes more than pissed off because she got caught in her lies by people that saw right through her . Krista ya know those people you were harassing , they are laughing at you and the idiots you hang out with Your the biggest joke in the history of edmonton . You get your friends to harrass them , how you gonna do that now ? get David miller to write up fake accounts or maybe james chevy, if your not to busy posing for him on facebook , your that desperate for a good bang you will do anything to get down every mans pants Get over yourself Krista