I have known Kristen Alfrey for a very long time. I know she suffers from “The Ugly Duckling Syndrome”. She has very low self esteem and she does not respect herself when it comes to the men in her life. Her latest boyfriend is a married man and I am very upset about it. She has bragged to all of us about him and how he is married. It does not seem like he is split up with his wife or going through a divorce because they look very happy on fb. Not only that Kristen has a son that is disabled and requires a lot of extra attention. When she started dating this man she become a very bad mother and I am ashamed of her. Kristen does not have enough money to cover her sons medical bills or even her rent. But kristen is spending all of her extra money to make herself look better and to give money to her new boyfriend. Kristen is only 23 and her boyfriend is 31. I am not sure what is going on here but it seems like he is using her and we all tried to tell her this. I personally know details of their sexual escapades and it is clear to me she is being used. I do not understand why he seeked her out but it seems like he has a type. Single mom..who is struggling and needs a hero that can be easily manipulated. I am really considering telling his wife about everything that is going on. This is Kristens last chance for a wake up call. Women up be a good mom and dump this douche bag before I expose the both of you to his wife!