Please welcome Kristin Fenske to theDirty! This Spruce Grove hoodlum is definitely a basket case full of mental issues. Recently split from her ex whom she cited as “abusive” just to hide her unfaithful ways and shift blame onto him, Kristin has been known to frequent dating and hookup apps trying to get knocked up so she can collect more money from the government. She has been known to message men offering money for their “donation” lol. Anyone who truly knows her knows she has to change cities every few years because she runs around spreading her legs for everyone and builds a rep. In the last five years alone she has lived in Edmonton, St Albert, Barrhead, and now Spruce Grove and has probably gone through 20-30 different men. It is well known she contracted drd several years ago which she then passed onto her ex and destroyed his life. Probably a huge factor in their split. Her poor ex worked his a55 off to support their little family while Kristin stayed at home on maternity leave spending her days on POF (which she is still on as a matter of fact) getting attention from random men and putting their savings up her nose. She will send nudes and scantily clad photos to anyone who pays attention to her and feeds her narcissism. Also a past pepsi addict, she was once investigated for child abuse after claims of her surfaced that she was bringing drugs into the home while her infant son was in her care. Though never officially charged with anything, several people can attest that they have witnessed her doing drugs in her home with her child within arms reach. Women like this are the absolute filth of Alberta and are out to accomplish nothing but a free ride. Well ill tell you there is nothing free about riding her. It comes with an empty wallet, sores on your penis, and a lifetime of regret. I pray for her ex to stay strong through all of this because Kristin is a truly horrible toxic human being and doesnt deserve the title of being called a mother. Filth.