It all started 2 weeks after my husband and I got remarried through the church. We were married for 8 years already though. He left me and my girls to move in with another girl. I had no idea of any affair until a year and a half later. As far as he told me he had moved in with a guy friend. I wanted a divorce because of his drinking and we seemed not to be working out but he always would tell me that he could never stop loving me and we could work through it crap. I believed him so I stuck around. He started working for the oil fields so he was constantly gone and had crazy hours. I first suspected the affair when I saw his phone bill. He took it everywhere and also locked it. He always told me he was just texting but nothing else and he would stop.

Well around my birthday 2 years later he started acting real depressed and a whole week of just hugging me and telling me he was so sorry for everything and just wanted to go everywhere with me. I finally grabbed his phone and saw his texting. I had texted this girl before asking her to stop texting my husband. I didn’t care who she was at that point just wanted her to stay away from him. Little that I knew she was already living with him. He was living 2 lives. He would sometimes go home to her and then come home to me. He met her when he was waiting table at (removed) Diner and she was a hostess. She offered her home to him after he had left and the affair began. She knew he was married, she knew he had 2 girls. I had texted her one last time and I guess she was mad at him for some reason and spilled out the whole truth on how they lived together for a year and a half. I was devastated. Who was this person that I thought loved me so much. I wasn’t satisfied with what they both told me so I dug around and I dug around and found photos of them together, in my home kissing. I was horrified that she was in my home playing house wife every time I would take the girls down to my home town to see my sick mother. While I was taking care of my mom in the hospital and just being there for her he would bring her into my home and let her go in and out taking care of my cat. While she was there she took my daughter’s necklace and my journey necklace which she is wearing in the red shirt picture.

She wanted to blame everything on him because she was young and didn’t know better. My eight year old daughter knows that affairs are wrong. She continued to try to text him afterwards and moved out of the town but is still close by. During his affair, I almost died laying in the hospital because I was bleeding internally from a miscarriage. We were trying to have one more child. I find out after I find out about his affair that I finally was pregnant. I love my son so much but I was so broken hearted when I found out I was pregnant from him. I still feel betrayed and hurt. I never view her FB page anymore because I so want to be done with this girl but hate so much that she seems so happy. Not caring on who she hurt. Like it’s no big thing. I’m just hurt. My mom finally passed away 2 weeks before my son was born and I just can’t shake all this pain.