Kristy Dawn. Where do I begin with this trainwreck? Grew up overweight and turned to drugs to lose it. Was an addict for many years and had her first child taken away from her to get her to clean up from the dope. She finally did and lost a ton of weight looking extremely sickly and further neglecting the needs of her child. She is now 33 and with 3 kids from 3 different dads and is still using pepsi on a regular basis, turning tricks on LeosList, and living off all the child support. Her best friend is Jenna Graminga who is equally just as fucked up. Kristy dated Samuel Vidic for a period of time exposing her children to his abusive behaviour (he’s really well known in St. Albert and Edmonton as a woman beater and even named his kid after an alcoholic drink – Alize. what class hey?) and destructive lifestyle. Kristy has had many DRDs during her life including an DRD scare from sleeping with someone who was confirmed DRD positive. She shakes this off as a “learning lesson” but doesn’t regret any decisions she’s ever made, including dating a man once convicted of molesting a a 4 year old boy and in possession of child porn. Her three kids are at the frontline of all of this watching her mom expose them to her destructive behaviour and narcissism. She regularly boasts about how having kids has set her financially free and how good it feels to take money from the men who “did her wrong”. This pile of human waste needs to be put on blast, Nik. All of Edmonton should know to stay away from this dirty loose canon.