Meet Kyle lewis, a 25yo dude that thinks it is cool as fck to not only skip out on paying rent but also steal chicks things. Bit of a back story, he needed a place to stay asap and I figured I would help him out. I asked for $400 for rent. He gave $200 when he moved in and said he would pay the rest in 2 weeks. Well over a month later and he hasn’t paid anything else. I’ve been supporting him and his dog while I have kids of my own to support also. He was constantly giving me the run around but I didn’t wanna be a dck and boot him out before Christmas so I waited till after. Anyways, as I was packing his stuff cuz he went MIA for over a week I noticed some of my things on his bedroom floor. Thought oh maybe my kids put them in there. But upon packing more I realized Nah. He was definitely taking things he liked of mine. Listen Kyle. If you see this, live your life how you want man. Do drugs, fck whoever you want. But don’t fuk around and make a single mother support you and then take her sht on top of it! I’m so disappointed in you! Fix your sht and change your life and girls be cautious renting a room to him regardless of the sob story. It could have ended worse if he moved out when I wasnt home, I feel like I would have had a empty house.