Kyle Sipes, is every girl’s nightmare. Puts absolutely NO effort into life. He’ll tell you everything you want to hear. Play with your heart, slither his way into your life. Have sex with you… Of course. Sounds like every other man, right? This is where he differs…  After he has you around his finger, he’ll use you for your money. Any little bit you have. He’ll ask first, but if you deny him and he’ll actually steal from you, smokes, weed, money, alcohol, bus passes anything useful to his own needs. He’s from the streets and still lives the ways of the streets. Currently he’s couch surfing in Millwoods of Edmonton. Unlike most of the posts on here, I am seriously warning you that this man steals like nobodies business and just seems not to care.

On top of it, he doesn’t just have one girl or guy going on. He’s using and seeing several people at the sametime, he’s bi-sexual. The sadest thing is he’s a father of two and even using them as a weapon to bring down your walls down to enter your heart, asks for money to see his kids on Saturday. Because, everyone awws to a man at least trying to put in the effort to see his kids. But the thing is, his Mom pays for everything on his visits, EVERYTHING. He’s using any money he gets to buy weed, smokes and beer, none of goes to his kids. Do not fall for this guy unless you wanna get hurt and used. I hope this post finds its way to him so he knows he’s been sighted and called out on his bullsh*t. Kyle, if you’re reading this PLEASE STOP this BEHAVIOR and become something… Respectable. Kyle Sipes, you can find him on fb. Thank you for your time.