💦Let’s bust out our umbrellas to keep from letting this sloppy hoe get her messed up junk anywhere near these fine threads. ☔️ 💨This b1tch lives to sling the shade and slam those that she don’t feel can further her goal to be CvmSlurper extraordinaire.💦 🐁this chick is a snake and a rat and just can’t be taken seriously🐍 It all started when she couldn’t bear the guilt of her causing the overdose and death of her bf. ***RIP Brad… we miss u and love you*** So instead of learning from his mistake she now finds herself posting and bumping her sloot for hire ads daily and posting up at the grimiest hotels in Edmonton selling her bunk a55 services. She hates on the dudes that find her gross and takes full advantage of those who dare consider to get within reach. When a friend of mine refused to fall for her the way she fell for him ( ahem… obsessive ) she decided to link up with his newly EX gf and decided to send hate hate hate. Instead of taking the time to realize she is washed up and because of her heroin addiction she continues to have these delusional bouts of holier then thou moments when she refuses to admit that she does any wrong. 🥽 If she isn’t ripping off clients to get more dope she is extorting them into paying for her hotel or whatever else she deems necessary at the time… yes even McDonalds ladies and gentlemen. But we ain’t loving this hoe. This is ur classic Cheeseburger Hoe 🍔 HaHa She looks cvm drunk 😵 and sloppy as fuck in most her pictures and when she hasn’t plastered on 3 inches of makeup she is anything but decent… jeesh girl have u heard of Spanks? I’m sure u can skip a couple cheeseburgers by the looks of it and walk ur a55 down to London Drugs to get a set 😉 Next time before you think of slinging ur bullsh1t online remember how nasty them skeletons u got in ur closet are 🤪