Ok, here’s the scoop. This broad right here goes as Lavender/Lavendaire/Laeville on facebook but her real name is Brooke. She’s 21, has a daughter who is taken away because she has schizophrenia and her antipsychotics aren’t working. She slithers around the pubs looking for guys to scoop but can’t get any. Gets mad when a girl is talking to someone she fucked once, calls them a slore for talking to the dude. She’s so desperate she tried being slick to my own brother who wouldn’t even wanna breathe her stank braces breath and swamp poon. Maybe if you respected yourself by putting on clothes, and stopped obsessing over guys, you would have a boyfriend for once. Go to Alberta hospital and learn how to be an adult for once instead of a desperate harlequin. 🤔 noone on whyte wants you. SKSKSK stop being jealous of sane women.