My partner and I met at work and fell for each other almost immediately. He was a great dad to my kids and we laughed together all the time. I loved his daughters as if they were mine and we had a happy life… right up until we moved to further his career. Now mind you I have always worked to support my family, but this move was 750 miles away from home and would require him to put in a lot of hours at work. So we decided for me to become a stay at home mom and he would support the family. We move to Alvin, Texas where he is involved in hiring for a new call center site. Then this woman Laura Aguirre Guzman comes into our lives. She is hired on a much lower level at first. I, unfortunately, looked over her resume and encouraged him and the rest of the team involved in hiring to bring her on board. I had experience in this setting and had worked with the team before. Then, unbeknownst to me, she began her process almost as soon as she was hired on. She wanted to climb in the company and decided to manipulate my common law husband to try to sleep her way up the ladder. I was so blind and trusting that I even spoke up on her behalf to promote her to the same level my husband was in the company to his boss. That’s when she began pressuring him to leave me for her. He confessed what was happening to me and said he had tried several times to end it but she would not leave him alone and would make him feel guilty when he would avoid her. Then one night she would not stop texting him so I responded letting her know that he has a wife and kids and to leave him alone. He response was the painfully cliché “Maybe you should talk to him about how he feels about me.” He insisted he wanted nothing to do with her- then out of the blue just days after Thanksgiving and ONE WEEK before our daughter‘s 3rd birthday he clears out all of his things and leaves us for her. To which she promptly leaves her job and begins living off of him all the while trying to convince him to cut ties with us and leave us hundreds of miles from home with no job or support. He stopped seeing the kids and while he would pay the bills, he refused to see me face to face because she forbade it and he didn’t want to deal with her anger. Then a few weeks later he was forced to catch a ride back home for Christmas with us to see our families. His original ride had fallen through last second and he had to ask us for a ride home. During the ride and the few days we were back home he realized he had made a huge mistake and asked me to take him back. I agreed and he came home, but that’s when the stalking began. She would sit outside our apartment watching us, and would try to call him. We changed our phone numbers to try to cut her off, but again she would follow us everywhere and would email him relentlessly telling him how much she loved him and that she needed him to call her just so she could hear his voice. He refused and we eventually were forced to move 2 states away to stop the harassment. She still tells people that he loves her and has herself posted as still in a relationship with him on FB, but we live in fear that she will one day track him down and stalk us again!