Its Been over a year since my Ex fiance of 5 years proposed to me in front of our family and friends, same month and broke it off with me the same Month for this HomeWrecker, the scary and kinda creepy thing is she keeps tabs on my personal life and still writes hateful status on her fb about me, basically rubbing it in my face (how he never loved me, how there so happy) . But Im Not The First! Three kids, three different fathers, it’s rumor from ex bfs and ex friends of hers, that she juggled multiple men and when one would try and move on, she would distroy the relationship and get pregnant and tell both guys their both the father, she loved the attention and loves drama. Ever Since she took my fiance he’s not aloud to talk or see me, he said (if I wanna talk to him I have to go through her). BEWARE MEN and WOMAN, If she wants something she will go to all cost to get it including getting pregnant. Girls she will dig up any dirt about you to distroy your reputation or elaborate storys and post anything and everything publicly on the internet. Every guy that has met her is kinda scared of her, She has a Rage and isn’t Afraid to bully or humiliate you publicly, she will never stop or never leave you alone, she gets off on Seeing you suffer.