She met my husband while he was in prison. She was picking out baby names before he even got out then got pregnant not long after he got out “unplanned” then he broke up with her and got with me because she got what she wanted and didn’t want him until she found out about me then she was all about him. She used her daughter as a trophy and told him that he couldn’t see his daughter unless she had sex with him because if they would have went to court “he would have no rights for being on probation”.  She came to my wedding, she came to my baby shower, she came to my house for holidays because “she didn’t want to leave the child alone” and said it’s cause she wanted to “get along for the child” and she just wanted to get along so she could continue her affair with my husband. She also would call me everyday “just to chat” and call my husband to tell him that she misses him and would love for him to come down and tell me he’s at work while I had 4 surgery’s and couldn’t have sex she would call him and tell him she could offer it. SHES A WH*RE who LOVES married men!