My husband and I had grown apart although we still loved each other. He and I had been married for 16 years at this point. I have a business I own and a granddaughter and 15 year old son I am raising, so my husband felt neglected. I admit that he was to some extent. He began training Leigh at his work as he is the best trainer and she had been having problems understanding the job. I was actually very excited that he would be training her correctly. Leigh picked up on the fact that my husband was lonely and started flirting with him while at work. Of course he flirted back. Flirting at work became texting each other at all hours of the day. She approached the subject of sex and tried to perform oral sex on him but ” it” didn’t work. This affair went on for 6 weeks and she actually thought she loved him. He dumped her to get me back in his life and now she stalks us. At one point he told her that our son was devastated by this and she told him that our son would ” get over it” .

That’s when hecrealized that she’s a classless bitch. She is totally opposite of me in everything. Now we are trying to rebuild our marriage and my husband throws up every time we discuss her. Lol. Hopefully she will stop stalking us. What a loser.