Ladies and gentlemen I give you Lenard Robert West 2nd. AKA liar, manipulator, narcissist, control freak, womanizer, abuser, worthless POS, scum, godless, soul less, moral-less, loser with serious self esteem and mommy issues.

The story between my wife and this “standup” guy began the day he started working at my wife’s company. He quickly moved in on her trying to poke and prod his way into her good graces in efforts to sleep with her. This went on for a year and a half or so. He would frequently ask my wife to go have a drink or go hang out when he knew I was out of town working.

In March of 2013 my wife began confiding in him about marital issues she was having that she did not even share with me. So she vented for a couple of days and Lenard utilized this as his chance to get what he wanted.

He told her the typical lies of: I wouldn’t ever treat you bad, you deserve better, I’d never use you, I’d run away with you, you should leave your husband and be with me etc. So over the course of a week he had her interest. Within a month the full blown affair had begun. He got what he was looking for. My wife in his bed. They met at his place at lunch or after work if I were in town on my days off and when I was out of town she would stay till 3-4am in the morning. However, it was only about once or twice a month they would actually meet up. I found that odd until I dug further and realized why.

Since this has all come out I’ve been informed by his own friends and other coworkers that this was not the only woman’s marriage he was taking part in wrecking at the same time. He had an entire list of women he was sleeping with. Some days he had two or three show up at differing times.

Another astonishing discovery I made after I found about the affair was that while he was screwing her he also convinced her to “loan” him 2000 dollars which I doubt he ever intended to pay back. So now not only was he screwing my wife and tearing my family apart, he was also taking money from us as well. We have two small kids at home too mind you. He knew going into all of this about our entire family. He simply didn’t care. Once again his friends and coworkers informed me that he tries to borrow money from all the women he sleeps with too. Most of which give in and graciously give to him.

All he wanted to do was to see how much he could get out of my wife while he had her in his grasps no matter what it ultimately cost her or my family. This guy is the lowest form of trash there is. Women be warned, he’s only screwing you to get himself off and get whatever it is your fulfilling for him. He’s also doing it to several others while he’s with you. A zebra can’t change his stripes. Husbands be warned. If he is in your And your wife’s circle of friends or just hers or is a co worker of hers chances are he will try to lure them into sleeping with him too. He has no boundaries. In his mind any woman is game for his taking. Regardless of marriage or not. Any woman is his intended playground.

This guy is a loser. Plain and simply put……if you’d read this and meet this guy and still want to trust him then you deserve what you get. Because you too will be nothing more than tomorrow’s used trash thrown out on the street once your replacement arrives.