This lovely broad had an affair with my husband for 4 and a half years. I never had a clue because I was a trusting and loyal wife who stayed home while he was out working and sleeping with this trash while at work. They would sleep together in a cemetery, and as I have found out recently, in my son’s bed AND our bed while I would be out of town on family vacations with his family. I sent a certified letter to her husband, but of course she intercepted that. She is substantially older than me, smokes two packs a day and doesn’t even have the balls to look me in the face when confronted in public… Instead her old ass ran to her truck.

She has two children at home and played herself to be a victim of abuse and had been playing the victim like she didn’t know my husband was married. But I caught her old ass texting my husband years ago (he said she was an “older” lady and terribly unattractive then… The ONE thing he hasn’t lied about) and she and I had words in which she KNEW that he was not only married but recently married at that. Another classy broad the city of Longview, Tx employs.