Where do I begin? This woman (and I use that term loosely ) apparently left her husband for his roommate and then went back to the poor husband, while at the same time having an ongoing affair with my husband. After confronting him about it and him admitting it, my 17 year old son overheard our conversation and proceeded to come in and try to kick his dads ass. Why? Not because his dad had cheated on me. But because apparently she was f**ing my son too. This has caused a huge divorce splitting up many assets and ruining my life. Im not saying the “men” on my side haven’t been completely guilty, but the fact that this woman is still with her husband and I’m told she has a child as well. Watch out for this woman. i’ve been told by several other women that she has done this repeatedly. Its so sad to be so young and so unbelievably miserable that you have to try to ruin marriages.