This winner here likes to lie to his gf and talk to other girls ten years younger than he is, and then make dates for when he’s out of town. He slept with another girl and sent his gf pics, then when she forgave him and took him back he got her pregnant and forced her to abort it. Then asked her to have another one and keep it. Then after playing with her and legitimately ten other girls behind her back again, he ghosted her and disappeared back to Edmonton. FYI girls, he looks amazing on paper, he’s very smart and charming, but he has 0 empathy or compassion for other people. Not to mention no morals or integrity. Took his last gf from someone els. He’s racist, he thinks he’s better than everyone and he does nothing but constantly talk sh1t about his friends behind their backs. He always has booze and drugs and will try to lure girls that way, (champong anyone?)but once he gets you on his grasp he thinks it’s funny to play with you. He will also use his brand new bright green dodge for luring little girls. He’s definitely not as good in bed as he thinks he is and once you get to know him he’s annoying and very childish, and he talks to you the same way he talks to his 3 cats that he’s oberly obsessed with. Any girl who bumps into this guy should run as fast as they can. He thinks he’s impressive, and he is at first with his “im an engineer and I’m real smart and charming and thoughtful” but trust me, that wears off real fast after he’s got you.