Back in January I suffered from a miscarriage at 12 weeks. Three weeks later my husband decided to start cheating on me with one of his co workers (Lilia Cerda). She knew about my miscarriage and before all of this, I thought very highly of her. Her and my husband would sneak off from work and have sex in her truck by the elementary school where they work. They continued to do this despite the fact we have a 2 year old daughter together, started marriage counseling, and got pregnant again. This woman thinks God sent my husband for her. What a joke of a woman to TRY to steal a man away from a woman who has a child, suffered from a miscarriage and then got pregnant. She also considers herself a “god fearing woman”, because God would be SOOOOO okay with sleeping with someone elses husband. Liliana Cerda or Lili Cerda is a straight up HOMEWRECKER!