This woman who she also considers herself as a tag name under millionaire Mama inInstagram, considers herself to be the high Queen bee lololol She has manipulated and coerced and abused and bullied people to get her way. But that’s why she’s never been able to stay in a relationship for very long- the one she has recently been with for the last 10 years has only been because he’s afraid to leave her a55 in fear that she too will fuking take him for all he’s worth(which is very little) like she’s done to her other three baby daddies. She has absolutely no respect for anybody except for herself if it isn’t about her then who cares right? She has no respect for the children’s mothers in their lives. And likes to go around and push her way through that as well but she’s going to learn very quickly that she can’t get away with it and she better put her money where her mouth is unless somebody’s foot does. People are getting tired at her boasting about how awesome her relationship is on Facebook but we all know that they’ve been in more fights than we can shake a stick at. Children services have been involved with this family because they’ve been abusive to their children. Her son Marcus the eldest of them, got into a fight multiple times with these guys crashed the newest vehicle he had when he was working at some dealership because he was drunk and high. He later then started a fight in front of the entire family only to get kicked off the property. Her behaviors and actions are teaching her younger children to be exactly like her. She’s not only fat and ugly on the inside and out but she has a Boyfriend that can barely stand on his own two feet and is scared to leave her a55, but that’s why they’re always fighting and he always cheats on her. My girlfriend always tells me about their conversations together. I kind of feel bad for the dude hopefully one day he gets out of that situation. I can’t see anybody that would want to stay with somebody as ugly as her. Let’s talk about her job shall we? She’s an insurance agent but she lies to a lot of people just so she can gain money that’s what they do right? But isn’t that fuking awful? Isn’t that sad that she rips other people off just so that she can feed her own family doesn’t care about anybody else’s well-being. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to do that job and she does it well. Unfortunately for the rest of the people that she robs everyday don’t ever get that money back. She likes to run your mouth off quite a bit but I guess she gets practice from this job. She’s got some of the rudest ass children I’ve ever known; except for one boy that doesn’t belong to her at all thank God,! I personally know that she has been lying and creating all these fake accounts against the woman who is the mother of that boy. I have so much information on her it’s not even funny. I know exactly who she’s been setting up to do these things to these poor people. Seeing as how she’s told me so much about it. I hope she gets what’s coming to her and she deserves to be on here. Social media won’t show you all the things that are going on in someone’s life. She will only show you “the good things” Reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth. Karma is finally catching up to her, her family members are dying off because they’re unhealthy. Years ago she got cervical cancer from getting DRDS. A former drug user and clearly shows she has deep routed issues tied to her behavior from that! ( Gross right) She’s starting to get sick or cuz she can’t take care of herself. She’s losing relationships because she can’t be a decent human being. And now she’s going to line up right on this site just with every other person. Hey Lori get your fuking act together and stop being such a hoodrat! This is my favorite part, she has three different children with three different fathers and yet she likes to bully other people. She hasn’t a leg to stand on. Having a kid at 15 years old and you call yourself a good parent? Are you off your fuking gourd? And then!, the only reason why this woman has a house to begin with is that she got half the money from a guy she was dating and used it towards a new house – so she sued some poor bastard and got half of his money. She has done this with every man that she has been with to get her where she is today which isn’t very far by the way just in a lot of debt and a lot of more children. Close your legs for fuk sakes! What is this now number 7? I’m losing track…. Go spend the time that you have ruining other people’s lives and spend it on something that matters! Such as your family, your well-being, and you’re supposed friend. Like me 😉 lol