So I met her in a store while I was gassing up, and her eyes wouldint leave from me, and then she said hey how are you, so I replied back and so we chatted for a while and then left from the conviant store and hit it off, she has sex with me in my car, I got her contact number but it was for “whatsapp” , I looked further into her name and found out she just came to Canada to see her boyfriend… the one in the photo. I feel bad for him because she took a BBC and enjoyed it. She totally cheated on him and she told me they had issues because his family wouldn’t accept her, she told me this after I had sex with her so I obviously thought that she just wanted to find someone to marry here. But no I refuse to stay with her, she keeps texting me behind his back and I keep telling her to leave me alone but she won’t. She probably has done this with many others aswel because of how she approached me and had sex with me after 10 minutes of talking to her. Stay away from this girl she is out to only use you and cheat on her fiancee, the guy is great fromcthe looks of it so why cheat on him? She’s a loser that’s all I can say