Well this nasty slut is my husband’s best friends wife!!! She started texting him trying to console him telling him a horrible a wife I was!! Over a matter of 2 weeks of texting him she fell so deeply in love with him. Mind you her and her man had only been split up a matter of days!! She started looking for them a place to live in Austin. He left for work on a camp job for a week but was acting very strange after he left! He called me four days later and told me he really loved me but he messed up and had slept with this bitch!! I was furious. I sent her a message on Facebook she denied it when I sent her the message she texted his phone asking why did you tell your wife. He replied I do not lie to her. I love her I’m sorry but I don’t want anything to do with you she.

Still tried to contact him and finally he told his best friend over what had happened. She tried to make it out like my husband was the aggressor but luckily we had all the text proof. So don’t befriend her before you know it, she will try to steal your life!!!