Have a look at THIS beauty. My husband has FINALLY after 6 years admitted to cheating on me with this barracuda looking broad. Yet another classy piece of trash that works for the city of Longview, Tx… And she is actually a flipping police officer! They had an affair about a MONTH after he and I got married. She had the audacity to say he was her best friend. She slept with him at a party, and then continued to sleep with him months later and demanded he leave me. Obviously he didn’t, you don’t drop a good quality woman for trash.

She has even gone as far as to refuse to contact me while she was on duty when someone almost ran me over. I should have gone to her chief about that but I didn’t to “keep the peace” BUT hindsight is always 20/20 and I should have filed harassment on her not only for that situation but also for the countless times she would drive by my home and make mean and menacing looks at me as if she was going to do something to me.

She is a coward and unable to find her own man, she has to try to take others. But look at that face… Would you want to wake up to that everyday?? The idea makes me shutter.