Well this one is such tragedy cause I loved like never before. And I still love him. See my man, call him RL of almost 4 years and lived together almost 2, sells life insurance for a living. Which means long hours and good pay and pretty much is your own business. Well he sold Mandee Temperton a policy one night. She had no job really and was down and out. Seeing how RL is such a gentleman and has a compassionate heart(well use to) he offered her an opportunity to sell life insurance. He trained her for 3 extra weeks than the normal 2 weeks. He was able to stay strong but I lost my footing and became insecure and I made waves with a fight here and there. Either way she was planning her take over with him since day 1. I knew it and even said at very beginning. She worked her nasty ass in. Takes 2 so not blaming him or me. But she knew he was taken even met me. But she couldn’t back up. If a man or woman is taken and they introduce you to their partner. Be a grown adult and step back. Took her several weeks. But she got him. I fought for him back and its like the last 4 years never existed. I loved with everything and I thought we were stronger than this. I’ve always said ppl make mistakes. It could have been worked through. We had this love that was on fire unstoppable. Or so I was lead to believe. I still love this man and would take him back under conditions. He is 47 yrs old, she is 24 with a 2 yr old child. She has a lot of learning to do but she needs to step up and apologize to me to him and let him go. He may not want this back and I may not want him. This has got to be tbe most rudest and cruelest Home Wrecker. We had the twinkle and the spark all the way up to the last 2 weeks. Now he is flipped to someone I dont know, but told me he loves me just a week ago. He is weak and mad at himself and has lost a lot lately. So he is taking something over nothing. I know, why would anyone want a weak man. Well cause he is genuine. I know that man. I know what we had regardless of what’s happened. If anyone reading this has a heart and hates homewreckers as much as I do. Send mandee a message and tell her to get someone her own age and stop playing with the real adults. Cause she crossed one that won’t let her live it down. He stole my heart and I want it back. I wanted to grow old with him he was my bliss… I wanted more than just a few play dates.